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Chapter 53 No one else
Word Count: 1682    |    Released on: 16/10/2021

Willow's POV

But this time, it doesn't have that much of an effect on me around. After last night with Liam, I can't think about being touched by another man even if he doesn't want to look at me again.

Even more so, after seeing Liam's brother.

He puts the pillow under Dylan's head and he doesn't even squirm or comes close to waking up.

I swear, that kid becomes a rock when he sleeps.

"This way," He instructs, letting me know the direction to the restroom.

After thanking him, I find it and go on about my business.

This afternoon with Arthur was enough to calm me down but now it's time to go back home.

Will Liam be there for a confrontation?

Will he blame me as his family does?

To try and be safe or know what to expect, I call Nana.

She's nervous and worried when she picks up, and I can hear Liam's voice in the background. Apparently, I don't even need to explain because Liam has told her everything that happened and she just wants me to go back home.

"Come back home Willow, we need to talk." Liam's voice sounds again.

Hearing his voice is enough to blurry my eyes and get my body to shake.

Confrontation is not my thing, I avoid it at all costs. Everyone had noticed it by now.

And I am not ready to face him yet.

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