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Chapter 34 More time together
Word Count: 1966    |    Released on: 01/10/2021

Willow's POV

With all that happened, Dylan forgot about the father subject. Giving me more time to figure the entire situation out.

I won't tell him Liam is his father without being sure and Liam has to understand that. I don't want the both of them to get to know each other thinking they are father and son only to find out later that is not the case. It'd break both their hearts.

And mine.

Because I was given hope now. Hope that Liam might be the father and I've just realized how destroying that can be.

I've thought all this time that Dylan was not his but from... what happened afterwards. But to know that there was this time that the condom actually broke and Liam never told me. It sparked a light in my heart.

But that means making a DNA test. And making a DNA test is something that I need to avoid.

At least until I find a way to tell Liam the rest of the truth.

"I need a break," I mumble to myself while putting my work attire in the staff room.

"Unfortunately your ten-minute break is only in a couple of hours." Shilah's voice rings from the door.

"It's another kind of break, unfortunately. The type where I don't have a thousand problems to solve." I say with a sigh.

"I bet. What was all of that last Saturday, darling?"

I knew the question was coming eventually.

"My first boyfriend. The one I left when I got pregnant found out about Dylan." She looks at me with a shocked expression. " And he wasn't happy about it, obviously."

"Well, damn. Did you guys talk it out or something?"

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