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Chapter 24 Whiplash

Word Count: 1901    |    Released on: 21/09/2021

Willow's POV

So, my son just decided to abandon me.

Last night I went to sleep with him after giving Jay my bed just so the kid would tell me. "Stay, Mommy. I'll sleep with uncle Jake."

So yeah, I slept alone in my kid's bed while the boys had a sleepover in my room.

I woke up in a panic this morning because I hadn't heard my alarm.

It turns out, Jake had turned it off and took care of Dylan to let me rest a little bit more in the morning. I woke up just one hour before class with breakfast already set, waiting for me to dive in. It felt like heaven, to have someone do things for me instead of the other way around. But this was quite often when Jake was around.

Ever since Dylan was born he made sure to make me feel like I was appreciated. Even if it was just by my brother and Nana.

Now I was arriving at the sidewalk by my class building just after my brother dropped me off with the promise of picking me up once I was done.

"Hey girl!" Johanna's happy voice sounds from my side and I look to find her catching up with me.

"Hi Jo, how are you doing?"

" Oh, you look so happy today. What happened?" She asks curiously.

"Oh, my brother is visiting for the week. He just dropped me off." I smile.

"Oh is there a special reason your brother is visiting?"

"Uhm yes. Dylan's birthday is next weekend. I was thinking of doing a small birthday party. You can come if you want."

"Oh yes please!!" She beams at me.

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