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Chapter 48 Cursed Christmas

Word Count: 1431    |    Released on: 11/10/2021

My eyes flutter as I slip back into consciousness.

I feel light and happy.

That's the effect Willow has on me. She will always influence my main mood.

I love her.

We both said it at the same freaking time, just like the first time, and then, we made love.

Last night was the best night of my life, for sure.

I stretch my arm to wrap it around willow's waist and pull her to me but my eyes open up wight away when the spot next to me is empty.

"Lo?" I call.

Maybe she went to the bathroom, but I don't hear any water running or anything.

Did she leave? Without waking me up?

I look around the room, to see if she picked her things up and relax when I see her clothes and mine all folded neatly on the black imperial concubine, close to my walk-in closet.

She's still here.

My conclusions are confirmed when I hear some mischievous giggling outside.

I stand up and put on some boxers before heading to the bathroom to brush my teeth and clean my face.

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