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Chapter 25 Blast from the Past

Word Count: 1804    |    Released on: 22/09/2021

Liam's POV

"When will you come, home baby? We miss you so much." My mom coos, in hopes that I'll visit soon.

"Probably around Christmas ma, I've been working a lot."

Well, I've been willingly drowning in work so I don't think about other things.

Specifically someone.

And yet, I think about her every goddam day.


"That's two months away still. If you're not coming over we'll visit you."

"Now's not a good time mom, I would barely have time to be with you guys. I promise that if I have a weekend or something I'll go over there." I fake promise.

I love my parents. I do, honestly.

But we can never spend too much time in the same place. They were always overbearing but ever since Mason's situation it has become insufferable. They suffocate me and scrutinize every step that I do.

And even though, and unfortunately, I have always been my parents favourite. It usually ends up with me standing up against them and arguing. I understood when I was older why my brother was the rebel and always acting up. I was the favourite and the only one who would receive a little bit of attention because my parents have always been self-centred about their perfect little life.

Appearances before everything.

—— locked chapter ——
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