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Chapter 47 I love you

Word Count: 1997    |    Released on: 10/10/2021

Willow's POV

We're glued to the spot, looking at Dylan like he's an alien until Liam looks at me wide-eyed, and I am sure I am mirroring his expression.

It's surreal how much we underestimate children and their capacity to understand what happens around them.

We're not even sure yet but Dylan seemed sure of his words. Of his feelings.

This makes me as happy as it makes me afraid.

Afraid of breaking two hears instead of one if that DNA test comes out with the wrong outcome.

Yes wrong, because that's what it'll feel like if Dylan isn't Liam's.

It'll feel so freaking wrong.

Liam's eyes shine with emotion jumping between me and a sleeping Dylan. His mouth starts to move but I shush him, not wanting to wake Dylan up to witness the emotional mess we're about to become.

I open the bedroom door and start to leave, knowing he'll be hot on my tail.

And he does, the moment I close the bedroom door, he grabs my face with both hands. Shinning eyes with unshed tears and the widest smile possible cover his face.

He's radiating happiness and even though there's still a little bit of apprehension in my bones I can't help be but happy too.

My kid figured it out without a single conversation, one that I was hoping to have with him in two days.

"He called me dad," He whispers.

"He-" He stops himself. "Oh god, I am speechless."

"I am too," I comment. "I never think he'd suspect."

"Thank you," Liam whispers, bringing his lips closer to mine.

"Thank you for what?" I lean my head back, to have a better look at his face.

—— locked chapter ——
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