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Chapter 2 College

Word Count: 1999    |    Released on: 30/08/2021

ask through the phone afte

uld have awakened

he big walk on the park from yes

next time you wake me

born one, le

wanted to check on you. I'll pick Dylan up later and help

rs but still, I feel like I should ask and not take her for gr

some groceries while you're in school. B

you," I say goodbye to

lly is

ot nervous, especially when I am visibly older than common freshmen. If this had happened when I was eighteen, I'd be

till miss him after

ut college is nothing like high school and I am thankfully grateful for that. I was never a famous girl, but I was best

use of him and I didn't mind. As long as he kept holding my hand througho

was the best thing in

my life and unfortunately, because o

time to cry over the past. I've cried long enough for the whole durati

lish. I'll also have Basic Maths and Natural Science and the rest will be technical subjects to learn how to teach, h

ogist. But ever since I have had Dylan? I

love dealing with kids and having him made me realiz

e middle area where a few seats were vacant. In a few minutes, the classroom wa

seat taken?"

, go a

nna, are you a f

low. Yes,

ll? I am so nervous." She

t taking my notebook from my bag while keeping a conversat

the south, Évora

from there. I used to spend

never met, it'

o go out, uhm - work and all." I

t say "Fuck off". Liam was the one who did that all the time and even though I can't really do it,

ou? You seem really young but your vibe screams maturity all over

e to start college but life got in the wa

ever give up!!" She hollers a little too loud for me

thing I notice is that he is handsome. Young and handsome. I may sound like a pretentious girl by sa

entions before turning back to his desk. If sarcasm was visible, I'd see it dripping

s hot as fuck." Johann

ill looks up at us with a cocked eyeb

r's favourite that was Liam as well but I had the perfect grades and I hope this professor isn't fro

ter. I know this course is directed mostly to basic education but you will have plenty of preparation for your teaching techniq

ross the classroom ma

the guidelines you should follow. In class, we will discuss 5 books - which are not on that list. I expect you to read those as well and come

s appropriate I even read my books to Dylan. He loves to fall asleep hearing me reading and we eventually run out of books that were appropriate to

to know the meaning of words or situations he doesn't understa

notice my surroundings it's entirely quiet and a few

ack to us Ms....?" Mr Ad

d out for a moment, yes; I am sorry

you can serve yourself out. There's no point in being here." I gasp

, thinking about my kid. There's no need to overreact in this way. How

not wh

Sir." I gr

t he certainly left a negative one on me. How can s

the eyes but I quickly look away. I try to not let it get to me b

e a page about one of our favourite books, to hand over by the end of class. It goes by quickly actually; I get so

s. I was one of the last ones, along with Johanna since we packed up slowly. When

ss Hanlon, I'd hate to think my cl

od looks. But rest assured because it won't happen. Never again." I

I am blushing like crazy. I don't know what's gotten into me to answer to him li


these types of toxic interact

tside. "I have never seen eyes burn with fire

ten into me. I don't snap back o

arm over my shou

ere that bring a side of us that is usua

war with him. He's the one calling the shots inside that cla

good to destress." She laughs at my nervousness before m

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