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Chapter 13 Scare

Word Count: 1982    |    Released on: 10/09/2021

Willow's POV

Ever since that talk, Dylan asks me almost every day if I have found him already. And every day I feel ashamed for lying to my kid. The truth is I haven't found the courage to deal with the problem that is his father.

It hurts to make him sad but I need time, time to get the courage and the strength I need to go through it because as soon as the Davis family knows about Dylan's existence I am in for hell.

And maybe Dylan doesn't understand now, why I did things the way I did, but I know that one day he will.

But I still need to contact Liam, we both need closure.

In the end, he is right. No matter what happened back then, I should have told him that I was leaving instead of blindside him. But truth is that when my parents told me I couldn't stay with them, that they wouldn't raise my kid, I didn't know what to do. It didn't matter how much Jake tried to protect me; it didn't matter how much Nana tried to make them understand my point of view.

I was sixteen and pregnant. I was embarrassed, lost and I felt abandoned by those who were supposed to protect me.

I got through it though, I thought I was fine and safe at this point of my life. Only for karma to take the rug from under my feet and throw it at my face. A rug that took me a lot to weave.

"Willow darling, are you there?" My Nana's frantic voice takes my focus away from a sleeping Dylan.

I walk out to the corridor carefully not to wake him and answer a weak "I'm coming" before heading downstairs.

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