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Chapter 16 The talk

Word Count: 2341    |    Released on: 13/09/2021

Willow's POV

He actually answered the phone.

I was hopeful that he would be busy and I could just leave a voicemail. To have him let me know if he was willing to hear me out. But fate had to throw a punch at me and make him answer the call. That is why I am this nervous wreck right now, about to leave the house to meet him.

Unfortunately, I keep playing over and over again brief phone call we had yesterday.

-- Flashback. Previous day --

"You've kept my number all of this time?" He asked.

"I would have if I had been allowed to keep my older phone. I had to beg Johanna for your number." I answer quietly.

"Huh?" He questions but I don't elaborate. That's the last thing I want to talk about now.

After that, he stays silent for a little bit and I know how his mind works, he's probably lost in his own thoughts and it allows me to speak.

"Look, Liam..." I start hesitantly. "I don't know about you but I need closure and I, ahm- I think we should talk. If you want, of course. I-" I cut myself off mid-sentence.

God, this is so hard.

I am so afraid that he'll just hang up on me or just tell me to piss off.

My body is trembling with anticipation and I keep gnawing on my bottom lip, trying to find the courage to continue.

"I want to explain myself and..." Another deep breath. "Apologize to you. You, more than anyone in the world, are the one that is owed an apology from me." My voice is shaky by the time I finished.

"Fine." He says coolly.

He said yes.

I let out a shaky breath of relief until the anxiety of seeing him again hits me.

God, I am a mess.

There are a few moments of silence between us until he takes the lead.

"We can go for coffee tomorrow since I have the day off. I'll text you the address and the hour."

—— locked chapter ——
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