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Chapter 22 Dream-mare
Word Count: 1997    |    Released on: 19/09/2021

Willow's POV

"I love you." He said with finality.

Every time he says these three little words, my body reacts its own. My heart beats faster, my stomach gains butterfly-like feelings, my head turns lightly dizzy and I usually feel lighter, as if I could float.

He doesn't understand the effect he has on me - especially since he kissed me a couple of weeks ago. The problem is, I am not brave enough to tell him either.

We have always said "I love you" to each other pretty much from the beginning of our friendship but for a few years now that these words hit me differently. Without knowing, he's leading me on and I'd just wish he could stop.

I want nothing more than for him to love me like that but I doubt he would. After that kiss, he avoided me for a few days and even after that he wasn't his usual self. He was always so assuring with his words and his hold on me and after we kissed it just... Stopped.

He probably regretted it the moment it happened and didn't have the gut to hurt my feelings. I mean, Why would he be interested in me? Plain old Willow, the little shy girl who can't even talk without stuttering.

We have prettier and hotter girls at school pinning after him. He probably understood what he was missing.

With a sigh, I spoke:

"Love you too Liam. I'll see you tomorrow." I tried to dismiss it the best I could.

I don't want him to understand how sad I get every time he says it, without the meaning that I want.

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