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Chapter 38 Hanging out
Word Count: 1998    |    Released on: 04/10/2021

This chapter will have sexual content. If you're not comfortable with it, skip it,

Willow's POV

Saturday was amazing. After that first tough kid act, he warmed up to Liam. Probably because he bought him everything Dylan asked for. He carried him on his shoulders, bought him a giant dolphin and even took us to ice cream before taking us back home.

I was only able to solve the car situation on Monday. Thankfully because I couldn't afford another cab trip to college.

Today's Tuesday and school was exhausting. I also don't have work tonight, since it's Shilah's wedding anniversary they decided to close and give me another day off. It means more time with my baby.

The car door unlocks as soon as I press the remote button but movement from the corner of my eyes catches my attention.

"Hi, Arthur."

"Hi. How're you doing?" His eyes roam my entire face, making me blush.

"Fine, and you?"

"Fine. I came to see if you had taken care of your car," He says looking down at my car.

"Uhm, I got it fixed yesterday. Thank you so much." I smile in appreciation.

"Sure, I did look for you yesterday but I didn't see you around." He scratches the back of his neck.

"Yeah, I finished early, got the car fixed and had time to pick Dylan up from school before heading to work."

"Oh, good. Well, then, if you don't need anything. I better go." He says looking around us.

The school grounds are still packed with people and the same can be said for the parking lot, with a lot of the students still arriving for the last classes of the afternoon or leaving to head home.

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