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Chapter 45 Hot Christmas tree

Word Count: 1988    |    Released on: 09/10/2021

Willow's POV

"Hey," Liam whispers when I open the door for him.

"LIAM!" Dylan shrieks pushing past me into his arms.

"Hey bud, how are you today?"

"You almost missed us making the Christmas tree!" Dylan exclaimed.

"What? Isn't it done yet? How haven't I noticed that yesterday?" Liam steals a heated glance at me, making me blush fervently.

Remnants of last night rush to my mind. His hands on the curve of my ass, his lips against mine, his chiselled body trapping me against the wall. I hadn't felt that hot - and without panicking - in a long time.

"It's what a week until Christmas, you're only doing it now?"

When I look at him, he has an amused look on his face. He knows what I was just thinking of.


"Yes," I sigh in defeat. "Nana refuses to do it earlier, saying it's a waste of money."

"Damn right! I don't care if it was Mandela or Jesus that was born on the 25th of December I won't pay more than I have to!" She hollers from the kitchen.

We all laugh at her words and I beckon Liam to come inside.

"Well, thanks for including me."

"You do that damn tree, I'll make some hot chocolate and some french toasts!" Nana beams at us.

"Is that the ones she used to make when we were kids?" Liam's eyes light up.

She'd do it for a week straight before Christmas while spending the entire holidays with us. Back when we were a happy and united family.

"Yes," I giggle.

"God, I missed that a lot." He groans wistfully.

"A lot, huh?"

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