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Chapter 15 Bestfriends Forever
Words Count: 1998    |    Released on:12/09/2021

Liam's POV

"Davis, can you check the vitals for me?!" Dr Shawn asks and I head to the machine right away, telling him the heart rate, oxygen levels and everything he needs to know that the patient is stable.

"Good, we're almost done." He says, screwing the last screw on the titanium structure around the patient's leg.

This man had been in a really bad car accident, coming in exactly a few minutes before my shift was finished. But as the workaholic that I am, I couldn't pass the opportunity to stay behind and learn more while assisting Dr Shawn.

He sure can be a pain in the ass sometimes, and quite demanding with me sometimes but I have come to realize these last three months that he's extra hard on those he sees potential and it makes me feel proud and even more dedicated.

We're past the point of talking about me staying extra hours when things like this happen, he wants me to stay and he knows I won't let the opportunity pass. It's a non-spoken agreement between both of us. And sure, I still can't do much since I've only started my residency around 4 months ago but still, I am at the point that I do a lot more than my peers.

I rush to his side, trying not to miss much of what he's doing. He's already wrapping up on the patient's leg that had a nasty exposed fracture. Fortunately, that was the worst that the accident had given him besides a few broken ribs, bruises and a few skin burns. But still, this had been a five-hour surgery.

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