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Chapter 42 Breaking the tension

Word Count: 1858    |    Released on: 06/10/2021

Willow's POV


He's here.

I step out of the car and he comes closer to me, stopping only when he sees me taking a sleeping Dylan out of the car.

"Lo..." He whispers. "Can we talk?"

"About what? Dylan's sleeping, and I am really tired." I say slightly annoyed.

I shouldn't.

God, I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. He's always brought out the bravest side of me. I've never been afraid to speak my mind, not with him.

"About what you saw at the diner, and everything else."

Talking is the last thing I want is to talk. But he's even more stubborn than I am, so there's no point in refusing to do so.

"Fine. Let me just get him to bed first." I say and try to look for my keys with the only hand I have available since the other is under his but holding him on to me while his head rests on my shoulder.

When I can't find it right away, I can feel Liam's hands softly taking Dylan out of my lap. He squirms a little on his arms until he's comfortable again and stills, snoring even louder.

I swear this kid can sleep through a freaking hurricane.

"Thank you," I mumble while opening the door and letting us both inside.

Inside, I try to get Dylan onto my arms, but Liam says he's got him and asks me to lead him to his room. I do so, with a sigh. Once in his room, I also accept his help to dress him in pyjamas and tuck him in.

—— locked chapter ——
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