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Chapter 31 Coming Clean

Word Count: 1993    |    Released on: 28/09/2021

Willow's POV

I am still exhausted from yesterday.

I returned home quite late. He was an amazing listener and seemed to be quite understanding of my situation, of why I did things the way I did. It was good to get it out of my chest, to have someone that understands my motives and doesn't question them.

Once home I try to put Dylan back in his bed but he's adamant to not let me go, sleeping in his small bed.

This morning Dylan woke up early but instead of waking me up, he sneaked out of the room. It's not normal since he usually wakes me up if he's the first one to wake up but today he didn't. I wonder if it is because he wants me to rest or if he's angry about yesterday.

I wanted to sleep in but I need to face the world and I need to prepare myself because I know that sooner rather than later Liam will be wanting to talk. And I need to tell him what happened back then - most of it anyways.

"Good Morning," I mutter while reaching the kitchen.

I am rubbing my eyes so I don't see right away what's going on so I get scared with a high-pitched squeal and hastily start to look around me to see what's happened.

"No mommy, go away! You're ruining the surprise." In an instant, Dylan is in front of my pushing my legs so I exit the kitchen.

"Jesus Christ, is that a way to greet your momma in the morning?" I complain but still allowing him to push me around, towards the couch in the living room.

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