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Author: Mel Veran
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Chapter 1 New Life

Word Count: 2000    |    Released on: 30/08/2021

ly hours of the morning and get him ready. Those were hard long d

e I head to school. It's not high school this time, no. It's college. When I found out about my pregnancy, I was shattered in more w


myself. I will be able to show my baby boy that even as a teenage mother I didn't give

kicks the air with a huff and

t I have been relentless in getting him to control his temper, to know it's not ok to hit someone and especiall

meone, I use

aggressive just because you don't get wh

it without meaning to hurt anybody but still, he's too impulsive. I know

ad but I am just so, so sleepy." He bu

onal manipulators by the age of fi

ll go to bed earlier," he groans into my chest but makes no move to leave the bed or me. "C

is school." He tilts his head

mad at that adorable face, I

s playing with the next-door girl, Abby. She's your

what should be a serious expression, one that I just

of me for being friends with a girl." He

st l

er boys like to be mean and take it out on girls it doesn't mean you have to be the

't hurt or hit girls, not even with a f

en trying to teach him to not do what others do or tell him to just because it's cool and especially

ge and this fresh start was everything I had needed and never knew. It was hard at first to have Dyla

re flexible with schedules since they are used to hire students often and it co

the south of the country, and buy one here to move with me and Dylan. Truth be told, I don't know where I would

u do if other kids taunt

and I stifle a laugh; he tries to be t

I want to hear him s

not too good. I don't want

hit me, I hit them back." He tries doing what could be a ku

f and only hit if you really

he move uncle Jake taught

f and no more. Got

ls his eyes while

et dressed. Do

ig boy!" He puffs

s doing breakfast. Cal

with a lot of energy. The total opposite of the sleepyhead I had just woken up the

of me with both hands on his hip, with the latter c

that are buried back in my mind are threatening to be released and dampen my mood early in the mo

omes out of me making Dylan frown at

and proceed to take the t-shirt off and put it ba

hirps and runs off to

. There Abby is already waiting for him by the gate and as soon as we exit the car she starts to wav

ad we have to cross and I won't risk it even though it's right in front of

st as he's expecting he tugs on my head, trying to make me go faster. I chuckle silently at his antics a

and stand by me for everything. The fact that I no longer have that hurts and has left a big void in my heart, one that even

e replies kindly with another good morning and we fall into easy convers

me for them to start to go inside and I crouch to Dylan fo

e kind baby, I will be back later to pick you up." I kiss h

ight makes me sigh to try and release some tension. I admit that separating from Dylan gives me anxiety, when he was little, he was my o

aiting for a call that saying something bad happened or that his father had found about

a a lot, she says she's fine with it and even though she's still totally independent and full of life I feel g

re my parents were giving me to get an abortion and even though I was just sixteen y

my own parents turned their back on me and for that, I am forever grateful. It took me three ext

e up on anything. People usually say that if life throws

at a time and now I real

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