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Chapter 29 No going back
Word Count: 1459    |    Released on: 26/09/2021

Willow's POV

I can't even comprehend how things got out of hand this fast.

One minute we were kissing and I hadn't known how much I had missed it until it happened, but then all the memories came back to me and I just couldn't bear to be touched again.

And here I thought I had been healed enough to move on with my life.

If I can't even kiss Liam properly, the one man I've ever trusted completely back then, what does that say for other men?

I am still broken.

And then everything spiralled out of control. Arthur came accusing Liam of harassing me and I was too panicked to even talk but that's not even the worse. The worse is this moment right here, where I clutch my son to my chest as if he's going to be taken away from me while Liam yells:


I can't answer back. I can't even look at him.

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