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Chapter 14 Bygones

Word Count: 1995    |    Released on: 11/09/2021

Willow's POV

"C'mon Dylan. Go back to your table, and don't leave without telling me before." I warn him sternly and he nods while going back.

It's then that Shilah notices how this small commotion has left a lot of people waiting for us to tend to them.

Great, more stress.

"Hannah, I will need you dear otherwise we won't be able to tend to everyone in here." She says to her daughter before turning to Mr Adell. "I am afraid you'll have to wait a couple of minutes Sir, all the booths are occupied and one is out of service, as you can see." She motions to Dylan's booth.

"Shilah, if you don't mind, I'll stick to this side of the restaurant so I am closer to him. Is that alright?"

"Sure, dear." She nods.

As I am about to go tend to a few clients who are on the verge of finishing, Mr Adell finally speaks.

"I can look after him if you want." He says quietly and it shocks me.

"Ahm, there's no need. I-, I'll be around now." I speak. "Thank you, though."

"It's not a problem. Also, I need a table to eat and he happens to have one. He can make me some company while I eat." He scratches the back of his neck.

It would amuse me if he hadn't been so unpleasant in the past, because the guy seems to be hesitant. No, not hesitant... Awkward? Shy?

Surely, it can't be.

I thought that man only had bitterness in him.

"I mean, I can fix you a table in 5 minutes probably, if you don't mind waiting."

—— locked chapter ——
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