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Chapter 17 Night walks

Word Count: 2511    |    Released on: 14/09/2021

Willow's POV

"Shilah?" I try to breathe through my shaky body but it's become harder and harder by the minute.

The moment I fled from the café; I just ran.

I wanted to be as far away from there as possible and driving a car was out of the question. I couldn't breathe nor think about anything other than the fact that I couldn't stay there. He was bringing too many memories back. Memories I wasn't ready to relive.

"What happened Willow?! You don't sound fine honey..." she said to the phone.

"I- Is it okay if I arrive a little late to work today? I am trying to calm down and with traffic, I might not get there on time." I whispered between my hiccups.

The drive there usually takes only half an hour but it's nearing six-thirty and at this hour people are leaving work and the roads are clogged with cars. There'd be no way I'd arrive on time.

"Girl, I don't even want you here in that state. Go home, relax and you'll do an extra hour for the next few days to compensate. Hannah is here, she'll help me." Shilah says with a concerned voice.

"Oh, no. I don't want to leave you there without any help. I-"

"Nonsense." She cut me off. "I'll see you tomorrow darling. Get better, will you?" she hangs up on me.

This woman was so understanding. She didn't know half of what I had gone through but sometimes it felt like she could see right through me and guess that something was wrong, or even what exactly was wrong. I am blessed that I landed on this job instead of another one.

With the knowledge that I no longer have to rush to work while having a breakdown, I choose to sit down to the closest bench I find.

I flop down on the bench and clutch my face to my hands, sobbing silently.

-- Flashback. Age: 16 --

"You will take an abortion." My mother states coldly.

I don't get what's going on, they were always loving parents.

Why would they force me to do something I don't want to?

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