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Chapter 57 BONUS CHAPTER 2
Word Count: 2004    |    Released on: 12/11/2021

Liam's POV



"From the moment I set my eyes on you when we were five years old, I knew. Right then and there, filled with tears and snot over being abandoned by your big brother, I knew that there was no one else but you for me in this world. That was proved in the seven years we've spent apart. I tried - and failed - to fill the void you had left in my heart because you were the only one who could heal my broken heart and restore my damaged soul. I thought for a long while that I would never be whole again but once again, you proved me wrong by working in that goddamned diner and crashing my date. That night, everything changed. I found my way back to you and on top of that, I gained a son; a family. I love you. I always have and I always will, after all, soulmates always end up together."

My voice is shaky as I speak my vows. Willow's hands are trembling in mine and fat tears fall on her face.

She is stunning today, like every other day. But today, dressed in white in a classy white dress that clings to her torso but then falls freely from her waist down. It feels like I am staring at an angel.

My angel.

"Oh my god, how am I even going to top that?" she whispers in panic and I can't help but laugh.

Right now, in this small chapel, filled with people that are important to us, I feel completely happy.

Other than a few college friends of mine and Willow, the only people present here are family and close friends.

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