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Chapter 46 Christmas night is the best
Word Count: 1989    |    Released on: 09/10/2021

Willow's POV

"It's done," I whisper.

"We'll know in a couple of days." He smiles, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

"Just please don't hate me if-"

"Lo," Liam cuts me off. "We've talked about this. I would never."

The pad of his fingers, travelling up my next onto my jawline and cheeks, have a calming effect on me.

We've just left the clinic where we left things for them to conduct the DNA test. We had agreed to wait until after Christmas - and technically we are - but we couldn't wait any longer. So today, on Christmas eve we left things at the clinic and we're supposed to receive a call back in two days.

The twenty-sixth.

I am already a nerveweck and I still have to go through tomorrow.

"Come on, baby," Liam tugs at my hand, directing us to his car. "We're picking Dylan up from your Nana. I want my time with both of you. I want my first Christmas with my family."

His... His family.

We're his family.

I swear my legs buckled from his words only.

This man knows how to rock my world in every possible way.

Oh god, I can't even deny it any longer.

My feelings for him.

Liam whirls around abruptly, making me crash onto his chest.

"What's wrong? Was it because I called-"

"No." My voice comes out weak. "I just wasn't expecting it. I'm-"

Suddenly I can't speak because Liam cuts me off with his lips. They're soft and tentative at first but as soon as I sigh and melt into his embrace it grows in intensity.

—— locked chapter ——
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