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Chapter 33 Explaining to do
Word Count: 1739    |    Released on: 30/09/2021

Willow's POV

"Dylan!" I scold him. "You can't treat people like that. You even closed the door on Uncle Jake and Nana's face!"

"They have a key, they can come in." He huffs.

This wasn't supposed to happen. I wanted more time to think this through and explain to Dylan who Liam was, but I guess fate never really thought about what I wanted before. And especially, not now.

So I just need to navigate this the best I can.

"That isn't the point young boy. Liam is a friend of mine, you can't treat him like that."

"A friend?" He looks at me now. "Or boyfriend?"

Oh? This boy is turning too cheeky for his good.

Who the hell has been teaching him these kinds of things?

"What did I say?" I retort.

This little guy is turning sassy too early. Well, the hope that he was going to be calm and shy like me is long gone now...

When he fails to answer me and mirrors my actions by crossing his arms against his chest I press.

"What did I say, Dylan?"

"A friend." He huffs again.

"And did I ever lie to you?"

"No." He looks down.

"Good. Now let's go apologize to Liam." I motion for him to open the door.

"What? No. He made you cry, mommy!" He exclaims with a pained face.

—— locked chapter ——
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