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Chapter 49 Cursed Christmas Pt. 2
Word Count: 1278    |    Released on: 11/10/2021

Liam's POV

"Lo?" I insist.

"You'll hate me, Liam, I wanted to tell you but I-" She stops herself when she looks down at Dylan.

"I'll tell you everything but not here not now. Let me go home and-" She stops herself to take another shaky breath. "And I'll talk to you tomorrow, I'll tell you everything. I swear."

Whatever it is, I know that I won't get it out of her now. Not with Dylan right by our side, or my family lingering around in my apartment. How can a few minutes be enough to burst this bubble of happiness that we were in?

Fucking hell, I just want to go back to last night and freeze time. Right at the moment where I was buried deep inside of her, murmuring how much I've loved her during all of my life.

"Okay yeah, go get dressed while I distract them. Go home, have some rest and we'll talk tomorrow. Is that okay?"

"Yes, thank you."

"Can I kiss you?" I ask.

"I-, Can I-" She stops herself, pressing her lips into a thin line. "Tomorrow, yes? No physical touch, for now, I-"

—— locked chapter ——
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