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Chapter 9 Date

Word Count: 1867    |    Released on: 06/09/2021

Willow's POV

The past five days have been the best I have spent in the last few weeks because I have been staying at home with Dylan. He started feeling better right on the day following our trip to the hospital but because it was a bug I've been advised to stay with him for more than five days, just to make sure he'd stay good and not pass it onto other kids.

Nana has had five days of babysitting off and went out with a few new friends for bingo or whatever it is they do. Dylan was ecstatic for not having to go to school but threw a tantrum every day when I woke him up at the same time and forced him to learn things he would have been learning at school. I don't want him to get out of his routine and then have to go through hell to wake him up when he has to go back to school.

He'd complain about a total of two minutes but as soon as I bribed him with playing football in the backyard or seeing a movie, he'd endure my attempt to teach him. Well, I am studying to become a teacher at an Elementary school, right?

What better way to start practising than with my own kid?

"Mommy, enough. I am tired." He whines.

"Fine, we're done for today. Just a few more weeks and I bet you'll be able to start to read by yourself." I beam at him.

This kid is my pride. I couldn't even be able to read before I got to first grade!

"Thanks, can I go play with Abby now?"

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