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Chapter 27 Birthday Surprise
Word Count: 2006    |    Released on: 24/09/2021

Willow's POV

It's only noon but I am already exhausted.

Thankfully, Abby's mom volunteered to take the both of them to the park while Jake, Nana and I finished everything to his party. All his school's friends are due to arrive in the next thirty minutes and he'll be the last one to arrive and everyone that's come to celebrate with him.

Hopefully, even though there's still that nagging feeling inside of me, this will be enough.

I mean, my kid is not a spoiled little brat. He'll be pleased with this simple party. It's about the father story that I talking about.

I feel awful, like a coward but I am also lost.

I feel like the truth will have to come out sooner rather than later and with how messy this is becoming, I just know it'll blow up in my face. I can feel it in my bones.

"All we need to do is set up the ballons sis." Jake's voice brings me back from la-la-land.

"I have almost all of them filled," I say, filling one of the last ones with helium.

"I'll start placing them while you finish it then." With that Jake saunters off with a bunch of dark blue balloons in his hands.

My phone starts to ring and I finish up the balloon before looking it up to see who it is calling me at this time, on a Saturday. Besides Abby's mom, I don't see who it could be. Maybe one of the kid's parents?

I lean over and grab it. Just as I look over the screen, I freeze.

Is fate trying to tell me something?!

—— locked chapter ——
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