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Chapter 3 Unexpected Costumer

Word Count: 1996    |    Released on: 30/08/2021

It's been two days since that dreadful class. I used to love English but I am not so sure I will enjoy it as much this time. He is terrifying and still, he hadn't left my mind. Even now at work, I keep replaying his petty actions in my mind.

Why was he that awful? And why me? Sure, Johana was loud but there were a lot of other students whispering all around and he didn't even care.

Does he not like me? That's fine there are people that I look at and do not feel comfortable but I just avoid them.

Despite that horrible class school has been good. It's everything I ever imagined and I am so excited to start the real assignments. I will only graduate around 27 but I don't really care because if I were to listen to everyone else, I probably wouldn't be here today.

Better late than never.

"Willow, dear? A few customers have arrived at my table area but Xico needs my help now. Can you cover them?" Shilah breaks me from my trance.

Today work has been calm, the worst days are from Thursday to Sunday. We are close to campus so on weekends students crowd the diner before and after parties but on a Wednesday is particularly calm. That's why I've been in my head the whole time, too much free time on my hands at the moment.

"Of course, Shilah, I'm on it." I secretly appreciate the distraction from these running thoughts.

The couple is already seated at one of the booths and I quickly attend to their drinks while letting them choose what to ask for to eat. I am fast since I have been working as a waitress since Dylan's one-year-old, I couldn't have Nana support me and him at the same time.

I was working and studying online to finish high school while taking care of him. It was exhausting but getting him into daycare was helpful and helped him a lot with his social skills. Much more if he had stayed home with me. I am relentless with him to verbalize his feelings instead of lashing out but he's so impulsive sometimes.

The couple had received their drinks and I had left the requests at the kitchen window already. I was preparing a cloth to clean a booth that had just gotten free when the bell of the entrance brings me out of my new daze. I run to the booth to have it clean by the time the new customer reaches it and just I straighten my back from being bent over to clean it.

By the time I turn around to allow the client to sit down I almost run into a chest and let out a small squeal while falling backwards. The movement makes my hip hit the table making me hiss. Strong hands steady me and as soon as I compose myself, I look up and freeze.

Shit, it's Mr Addel.

"Uhm, I am s-sorry." I stutter, getting out of his firm grasp gently.

He hums but doesn't answer me back, moving to sit down at the booth right away. His expression seems focused and the only thing giving him away is the eyebrows that are furrowed, letting me know he's deep in thought.

I use that to my advantage and rush to bring the menu back to him.

"While you choose can I bring you a drink?" I ask.

"Huh?" He finally looks up at me with a frown.

"What will you want to drink, sir?" I repeat.

His shoulders slump slightly and his expression goes back to the expressionless I have seen most of the time during class.

"Just a water." He breathes and I don't even lose a second turning around and scurry off to bring him his water.

My heart is beating wildly in my chest while I search for a freaking water bottle. He makes me nervous and I have no idea why. Well, I know... Hating on me, for now, reason, making assumptions from what looks? What do I even look like to him? Spoiled brat?

As if!

He's awful, unpleasant and rude That's why.

"Hmm, that one's quite handsome honey!" Shilah whispers next to me making me jump at the unexpected sound of her voice by my ear.

"Yeah, and he's also my professor at college," I grumble.

She whistles lowly before adding: "Damn and here I thought I had found you boyfriend material."

"Don't play matchmaker on me Shilah, all I want from men is distance." She just shrugs her shoulders at me probably meaning "your choice" and I finally find the water bottle he had asked for.

"That long to bring me water?!" It's the first thing that comes out of his mouth.

After placing it on the table I look up at him and his eyebrow is cocked, his eyes are giving me the mischievous vibe.

"I- I apologize. I just started a few days ago and still get confused about where is what." I do my best to keep a kind smile. "Have you chosen what to eat already?"

"So, you're new at this job?" He completely ignores my previous question.

"Ahm, Yes," I say quickly. "Actua-"

"I am curious now... What made a girl as you look for this type of job then?" He cuts me off completely and I gasp in shock at his words.

"Excuse me?"

"You don't really seem the type of girl who would just go on about and work."

I feel the heat creep up my neck right onto my cheeks. His eyes lower and I know he has noticed, the proof of that it's his smirk. How can a person who is supposed to help his students improve and develop their intellectual capacities be this horrid?

I won't answer back. He's a client and he's my teacher.

With shaking hands, I bring my notebook up and face him: "What can I get you, sir?"

"Just a burger with fries, please. Extra cheese."

I write down and nod before leaving quickly. This man must be really unhappy to try and reassure himself upon other's misery. He brings some type of wickedness to his eyes that leave me restless.

Keep your distance and it'll be okay, Willow.

The problem is, I've always done that and it still didn't work out for me in the past.

The memories that this one thought brings makes my heartbeat spike and my breath hitch. I approach Shilah, hoping I can go to my 10-minute break so I can pull myself together. She seems to must have noticed my state or read my mind because as soon as I get close to her, she says what I wanted.

"This is calm now, take your ten-minute break darling."

"Thank you." I squeak before heading to the back room, where I lock myself in.

The moment I feel away from the rest of the world the memory of a strong voice rings in my head: "Come on, Lo, you'll like it."

I can almost feel his breath on me as well like it was yesterday.

"No. No." I whisper to myself. "Don't remember." I shut my eyes and massage my fingers all over my head, trying to force the memories away.

Dylan. Think about Dylan.

My baby boy, my treasure.

I let out a small sob and hug myself. My nose starts to clog up, making it harder for me to control my breathing. I try to blow my nose the best I can with a napkin I had in my apron and pace around the room. I have to put myself together and stop being so sensitive to others.

Why can't I be more like others and not let it affect me? It's not the words that affect me, it's the attitude, the voice tone and the aversion in the eyes. Nana keeps saying I need to stand up for myself more often but I don't really know how to do it. Especially when for a big portion of my life, Liam would do it for me.

Well, you don't have him anymore. And whose fault is that?


A knock on the door startles me and I run to unlock it.

"Everything ok darling?" Shilah peaks through the door.

"Yeah, sorry. I am just nervous; you know being new and all..." I give her a weak smile. " Are the 10 minutes up?"

She nods and gives me a warming smile before speaking: " No need to be nervous, you're doing wonderful."

"Thank you," I say.

I run around serving the clients and refilling the drinks every time I notice or someone calls me and relentlessly clean the booths every time the clients leave. For another half an hour I was able to do my job and gratefully avoid Mr Adell. With Shilah already helping me out I was hopeful that she'd be taking up his table eventually when he finished up eating.

But again, luck was not on my side because at the same time he raised his hand, Shilah was called inside. Taking a deep breath, I head there, trying to keep my head high and my hands from shaking profusely.

"How was everything?"

"Fine." He says emotionless.

"Would you like some dessert?" I try.

"I'd like the check please."

"Sure." I nod and close his tab on the register before bringing it to him. "Here." I put it on the table and at that exact moment, another couple calls me. " I'll be right back."

From the corner of my eyes, I see Mr Adell place the money by the leather case and I politely excuse myself from the couple that was trying to make small talk with me.

I would happily talk to them if I didn't have Lucifer in the flesh a few tables down ready to kill me if I took the wrong step.

"Never took you for the type of girl who would study and work at the same time." He pressed again.

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me, Mr Adell. It only shows that your assumptions about me are shallow... and wrong." I gave him a lip-tight smile.

Okay, my voice came out softer than it was supposed to but I mean... I am not good at this confrontation thing.

"I guess we'll see... Won't we?" He smirked before standing up abruptly. He just left me there dumbfounded without even saying goodnight.

Huffing I picked the leather case and brought it to the register to put the money in the register. When I opened it I noticed that from a twenty euro dinner, he just left a thirty euro tip. What is the...

"There's something seriously wrong with this man," I mumble to myself.

"Who dear?" Shilah asks from the kitchen door, behind me.

"Just a rude customer. But look he left us a 50€ tip." I wave the bill in front of her.

"About that, we don't share tips here darling. What's yours is yours and you deserve it! You've been doing great!"

"Oh god, thank you so, so much." I hug her tightly.

It might not be much but all the money I can make will help to pay bills, paying university and especially help me with Dylan.

Once my shift ends, I do my best to leave as much done so they don't have too much work when it's closing time and head home. Dylan's asleep on my bed by the time I get there and I am so exhausted that I don't have the energy to carry him to his bed.

Instead, I dress my pyjamas and snuggle in bed bringing him close to me. He automatically latches onto me and I sigh in relief at the feeling of his warmth on my chest. It helps me fall into a deep slumber in the only place that gives me peace.

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