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Chapter 32 Not Welcome
Word Count: 2108    |    Released on: 30/09/2021

Liam's POV

Those words hit me like a ton of bricks.

Because you're not his father.

What the actual fuck?

I am not the father?

"What do you even mean I am not the father? November minus nine months places the conception between February and March. We were sexually active back then, you know that damn well." I can't even mask my angry tone.

The kid is mine. I can feel it.

He looks like me, he has my skin tone, my eyes.

He has to be mine.

She purses her lips into a thin line and that only makes me angrier.

"And we always used condoms. You know it's really unlikely to get pregnant by using condoms. Unless one of them had broken and you always told me it never happened."


Guilt washes over me.

I remember that. There was this one time that the condom did break but I never told her. I was afraid she'd freak out and stuff. There was no reason for us to freak out because it was only one time and nothing would happen. I guess I was wrong all along because apparently, one time is all you need.

But she just told me it's not mine! Like what the fuck, this is frying my brain.

Did she cheat on me?

"Did you fucking cheat on me?"

Her eyes widen and her mouth opens in shock. I never even thought that could be an option.

I mean, I was crazy in love with her and I was pretty sure back then she loved me back just as much.

Or maybe she didn't and she found someone else and that's why she ran.

"Is that why you disappeared? To run away with someone else?" Anger starts to boil the blood in my veins and I can't help but show it.

My skin reddens, my neck and forehead veins pop out while my fists clench.

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