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Chapter 4 Fatigue

Word Count: 1446    |    Released on: 30/08/2021


eeds his mommy. School is demanding and with the number of assignments I already have pili

I am s

work has been robbing him of time with me. He understands to some extent that I have to be away but

Who knows, maybe I'll take him to play football in the park, or the zoo. He has been adapting so

the moment I am almost arriving at mine and even though I am happy

Today, not even the warm temperature of the sun could wake me up. It was still warm with a slight fresh breeze

erred from the dark grey buildings to the people. Nostalgia was the one I felt the m

r heart when someone or something is missing because it no longer is part of your


king relaxed or rushing to classes. Friends engaged in conversation, a few in hushed to

hrough alone, I deserve i

Johanna is already waiting for me by our seats. I've asked her to keep quiet in Mr Adell's classes since he's not fond of m

f-esteem problems. Which I don't get

gave her a weak smile. "Damn, you

ot been sleeping enough," I mumbl

you can never come with me

have to work something up, maybe a coffee one of these days, what do you think?"

ere's a party and you do n

don't do parties? "I am actually

Come aft

I decided to answer her later. The last thing I n

spers. "You haven't

, like a predator waiting on his prey to make the move. He's waiting on me to speak. But I won

at her and just as I open my mo

share with us

ack at him and a

peaks, starting today's class. I am usually drinking every word that comes out of his mouth during clas

ain started to disconnect often, to the point that I was barely able to w

My eyes got heavier and not long after I zon


e on my shoulder, followed by a st

trong voice that had called my name


lass; I am not going t

the honour of finally joining us

r, I have-" I tried bu

and come back when you are actually interested i

ay, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry. Sure, there were people out there that

out!" His raised voice made me jum

his malice towards me but I am not in one of those days when

the wall and pinch my


them nothing more than just a glare. Fine, I fell asleep which may be

ht at the beginning of class. Then I had to make it worse by falling aslee

w what a party is because I got pregn

words but this situ

breathe in

me easy in my life. I was not expecting life to be easier just because I moved to the other part of

us on anything else for the remainder of the day I went back

is rhythm, otherwise, I'll have to go th

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