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Chapter 8 Mixup
Words Count: 1843    |    Released on:05/09/2021

Willow's POV

"How are you holding up baby?" I ask Dylan.

We had spent the previous day at the hospital for them to conclude that he had caught a bug that affected his stomach and gave him a fever. Antibiotics and pain medicine were prescribed and today he was feeling slightly better.

Still, the doctor told me he couldn't go to school for five days so he gave me a credential to present the University and work for those days to assist family members. It'd take a toll on my paycheck because it would be Social security paying for those days and they paid below minimum wage per hour but it would prevent me from getting fired and fail at classes.

I only had to lose a couple of hours today to hand the document at both places.

"Better mommy, I ate today." He said in a good mood.

He actually, did. Not much but much better than yesterday and it made the ache in my heart settle a little bit. His wild brown hair was tousled and from sleeping and his eyes were still puffy. I could tell my baby was tired but he could still sport his million-dollar smile.

"Will you be okay with Nana for a couple of hours?" Hugging my waist he buried his face on my stomach but I could still feel him nod his head. "I'll be as fast as possible okay? And then we'll spend the rest of the day watching Disney movies!"

"Yes. Go! Go!" He squeals.

"Are you so eager to see me leave?" I chuckle.

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