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Chapter 54 54

Word Count: 1454    |    Released on: 29/08/2019

Albert whispered something in Jane's ear all the while she eyed me carefully. I had no strength left to wonder what is happening nor keep my attention and eyes opened. The softness and calming fragrance of the sofa drew me deeper in slumber until I gave up. I felt so comfortable.

"Hey, my lady. You should wake up."

A soft nudge made me stir. I felt the warmth on my shoulders and the sweet aroma of herbs. The same caring voice soothed my ears.

"You should wake up. There is a long road ahead of you and there are people who are waiting for your arrival. Drink some tea."

I blinked a few times and saw a cup with a steaming cloud in Jane's hands. The thick blanket was laid on top of me, but nothing else was changed since I fell asleep last night. I could feel my body was rested enough.

"Thank you!" I welcomed the warmth of the hot tea.

"Poor thing. So tired that you weren't able to stay awake for your dinner yesterday. Drink up and I shall help you get ready. You need a bath and new clothes too."

"I am fine. I don't want to burden you."

"I have plenty of time for our majesty. You have been gone for too long."

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