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Chapter 15 15

Word Count: 1290    |    Released on: 31/03/2019

I wanted to go to my room and cry again, but deep down I knew it will not help with anything. Will it make me feel better? Maybe... a little... . In the end of the day, it will not solve the problem I am having. I am clueless of what should I do, how should I interact with others? Seems, that my friendly and caring nature is not giving the fruits I await.

Edmund is upset again for things I messed up. How could I know, that making Anna happy by buying her a noble's dress, would lead me to confrontation with my husband?

The only thing left to do for me is to wait until he calms down.

I wipe the tiny tear that managed to hold on my thick lashes – the remaining hurt seen in my face.

It's been a while I ate something and my stomach is beginning to rumble quietly.

Before I know it, my feet carry me closer to a dining room. I wish no one is there. A piece of quiet and smell of delicious food would be my ideal company right now, a moment to stay with my thoughts, that's all I need.

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