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Chapter 19 19
Word Count: 1002    |    Released on: 14/04/2019

I took a deep breath, before getting out of carriage. Edmund sat in front of me and watched silently – waiting, when I will get the will to face the crowd. Loud murmurs made me aware, that I will have no choice, but to eventually meet these people.

Without saying a word, he took my hand, the warmth of it soothed my beating heart. As the door opened, I heard gasps, cheerful shouting, whispers. My husband left the carriage first, his tall form towered over the 'small' people. I couldn't get away and faced them all as well. If it wasn't Edmund who hold my hand, I would be trembling like an aspen leaf in the wind.

The sight was overwhelming. Men, women in different ages stood alongside the path that lead into the building. I could not distinguish the individual faces, my gaze darted from one side of the crowd to other.

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