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Chapter 5 5

Word Count: 1258    |    Released on: 29/11/2018

. uhmmm.... I have to go and see some people, will be back soon, Thea." I hea


't want to open after a good night sleep. I stretched my

sly I examined the carved frame of the cabinet which hold some clothes. Later my haze traveled over the walls and then it stopped at the colorful painting on the ceiling. Puffy clouds and tiny, fantastically feathered birds gave t

ng the single piece of art, I dec

here I left it yesterday. I put it on, but couldn't do the corset on my ow

y, that she is a maid, but at the same time it was not the one of the high born's. Her dress was light grey with darker accents, no extravagant lace decorations or jewelry. Then I got a glimpse of a ring of keys in her arms and I

" Her voice was clear, smooth

p me with my d

" Was her c

man with soft features, dark brown, arched eyebrows. Her hair was pu

I noticed her deep green eyes

in charge of maids and se

rfectly tight

anything else? I can se

y Lady." Violet

ewhat like Fiona, but much calmer. I hoped she holds

ave a time to see all in one day. Also my stomach rumbled and I thought to find a kitchen first. I kne

I smiled at my silliness. Those were the castles described in old tale books I read. This was nothing like it. All the way through the ceilings were painted, the pictur

room looked so much different. There was a large oven, where the bread was being made, large pots stood at the regular one, steaming with delicious looking soups. The walls were covered in dried onions, garlic

the wonder

d everyone stood still in silence, as t

through each other in submission

ow to dismiss them. I stood awkwardly in the doorway,

have something for brea

nes woke up and scur

berries, warm pastries, pan

heasant?" I w

he finest breeds

lkative and most c

e with pancake

a small window. Somehow I ma

o the dining room in a minut

all of the sudden I felt very

o enjoy your meal...." One man in the back spoke. "This place i

s your

rvously tighten his fist arou

miled and hoped he relaxes little bi

l have later, afte

t. You will need some strength. Come, s

rey, slightly curly hair matched his bushy mustache. He

ecome a high status person by marrying Edmund, but in my heart I am still that slave girl, which I have been all my life. I un

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