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Chapter 37 37

Word Count: 1034    |    Released on: 01/07/2019

The girls were not expensive. Actually, I was surprised that the value of a human being was so low. It pained me to think I am as horrible as my previous owners, going so far to buy a person for myself.

I tried to believe I am different. I am not going to use the life of the girls for my own good. I will set them free – to live a life they wish.

A pair of blue eyes timidly watched me. I could see the uncertainty in her orbs. Afraid and scared in what world she will be thrown into. Before I could say a thing Victoria's sharp voice startled me.

"Where did you run off?"

She eyed the spot we were in, the surrounding and then her glance landed on the girls beside me. I had gone a little bit further away from the slave traders. The constant reminder of their profession broke my heart.

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