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Chapter 20 20
Words Count: 1288    |    Released on:23/04/2019

I leaned my back against the chair. Weakness in my legs seemed to disappear slowly, but I was not ready to meet and talk with our guests. Some time of rest was all I needed for the moment.

Edmund's eyes were set hard on the chatting people beneath his superior gaze. This was the whole new side, I have not seen in my husband. It means, I know him not near enough as I had thought.

So much I know - he is not enjoying this party.

His pearly orbs turned my way under the dark, creased eyebrows, that shows how much annoyed he seems. Then a small smile flashed just for a second.

I looked at him questionably, unaware of what he meant by his small expression.

"You look beautiful today, Thea." Edmund said in quiet voice.

I couldn't help but return a shy smile.

"This is your rightful place. It suits you."

"I... You are saying it, just because I am your wife."

"Don't believe me? Well, some day you will see for yourself."

Edmund's compliment brightened my mood and I could forget the troubling thoughts just for a moment.

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