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Chapter 3 3

Word Count: 994    |    Released on: 26/10/2018

My nervousness had been replaced with slight excitement. For the first time I have been let out of the house to see the real world. As the dusk was setting in, Agr

g above our carriage and people that still roamed around. Some late autumn flowers decorated the sidewalks. I couldn't help, bu

y, Edmund." I got

showed no particular

ing I would say. This city ge

lated with the 'king' matter

e peaceful environment." He gazed into the

ove that place so mu

ody treats me as a normal nobleman and ar

make it work for you, keep you happy and satisfied......

smiled again, but it emitt

ll as I had my own. I understood, that nothing will

th less people and more free space. I peaked out again and in

our new home?"

d nod

es as in Edmund's summer house, but on a whole new scale - much, much bigger. The wall around was

rms black as the night with golden decorative accents. The

me to get my a

nd. Come outside, everybody is waiting for you and..... and I wan

or me. My heart was starting to beat in nervous excitement. What w

o further. His body language was elegant and polite, but he didn't lift his eyes to even look at me. They were set down hard, as being a

lued on a young man

lined up with guards, further more with other me

the castle or people surrounding us. I stayed glued to my husband's arm for extra suppor

indoor workers. Countless maids in neat looking

a single eye contact, since I entered the castle. It almost felt

ke this deep submission they all show

l girl. Young, no more than ten years old. She wore

she is here, but something made me feel very sorry for her. In some way

maids, she did not look at me. Her chin was pressed hard against her uppe

ut my eyes couldn't

it seemed to scare her, when as fast as lightening, her child like eyes shut down again. She se

doesn't get

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