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Chapter 49 49

Word Count: 1119    |    Released on: 18/08/2019

The castle felt oddly quiet. I saw no one in the hallways, just guards standing like statues by the main door. My heart was beating in anticipation to see my wife safe. I walked straight to our bedroom. When I opened the door she was not there. The room was tidy, the bed neatly styled. It appeared that no one has used it for some time.

I could feel my insides turn upside down just thinking for Thea, as she might be in trouble, but after some deep breaths, I tried to tell myself that she could be anywhere else in the castle.

"Oh, Lord! What brings you back?" Violets voice brushed passed me gently.

"Where is my wife?"

Her eyebrows creased in confusion.

"She left more than a day ago. Haven't you met her?"

"No. She did not come."

—— locked chapter ——
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