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Chapter 36 36

Word Count: 1068    |    Released on: 25/06/2019

I had good hopes for today. In a long time, I had someone to share my days, with the exception of Edmund. I felt safer with Victoria next to me, a new friend on someone I could rely on, ask for advice or just simply be there for me.

She sat before me in the carriage, a small smile present. What was she thinking? Not often I see the bright emotions on her usually hard and arrogant face.

I glanced out the window. My eyes squirmed in bright sunlight. The day was peaceful, with bright blue sky - some tiny birds were chirping high up above our heads. I sighed releasing the building emotions stirring within me.

"It's so nice to see some change!" Her voice was light.

"Yeah, it's been days since we got some decent sun."

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