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Chapter 24 24

Word Count: 1033    |    Released on: 08/05/2019

Victoria's eyes scanned the contents of my plate with the utmost interest.

"What are you eating there?" She fanned her face slightly.

"Nothing special, just some fruits."

I wished to hide a plate from her view, as if afraid she will devour and take them away, seeing the hunger in her eyes.

"What?" She exclaimed. "Don't tell me you are eating figs and are not going to spare some for me?"

I wanted to tell her, that there is more on the fruit platter, but it was too late, when I saw her snatch the remaining ones from my own hands. Victoria's face melted in ecstasy, after she tasted it. She stopped in mid bite, her eyes fixated on me, as if realizing something important.

"Haven't you tried to taste?"

"I wanted, but you took, what I intended to sample." I tried to mimic her cold attitude.

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