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Chapter 33 33

Word Count: 1076    |    Released on: 16/06/2019

"We should spend more time together." Cristina said delightedly.

I didn't understand what made her mood so bright. She stood in front of Edmund, his eyes boring into the newspaper, ignoring her subtle suggestions. Just for a second, his pale stare reached her tall form, under the dark, creased eyebrows. She giggled.

"I mean all of us, my 'sisters', Thea, you. Right?"

She glanced at me, eyes burning in happiness.

I couldn't enjoy myself. Victoria occupied my mind. This time her words seemed genuine, I saw the emotion in her usually cold face. Something told me to believe her – my intuition. It has proven trustworthy, but I don't know why I chose to ignore my feelings before?

—— locked chapter ——
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