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Chapter 61 61

Word Count: 1554    |    Released on: 11/09/2019

I was so happy to see my son in good health. Edmund placed him carefully in my hands. Richard seemed so tiny and fragile as a porcelain doll. I noticed his black hair which already has grown a bit and thick eyelashes inherited from my husband. I was waiting in anticipation when he will open his eyes when I will see what everybody is talking about.

"I am so happy, Edmund!" I cried silently as I watched the little angel in my hands. I hoped he will grow up to be the one as well.

"I am happy that you are safe and well. I thought I will tear the door down hearing you scream." He gave an ironic smile. "Everybody wants to see you, as well as our son. Unfortunately, we had no time to greet the people in this house."

"They can come in. I am eager to see them as well."

Edmund's heavy body sat down on the bed next to me, his face turned serious but kept the concern and kindness burning in his out-worldly eyes.

"No. I told them to stay in their places and not bother you until I say so. You need to rest. I did not birth my son, but it sounded exhausting."

"Fine. You are right. Some time alone will not be a burden."

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