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Chapter 46 46

Word Count: 1105    |    Released on: 06/08/2019

My legs carried me faster in the direction of the voice. It was a human, a person, somebody who might help me get back home. Some of the tall stems hit my face despite my tries to pry my way through the grass.

"Please! Help me!" My voice was desperate.

I did not see anyone, but I knew he is still near me.

Then the man stood up, emerging from the meadow right in front of me, startling and making me squeak out in fright.

"Damn! I am really getting old." He grunted.

It was an old man, overgrown with dark gray hair and beard. It seemed he had tried to trim it, but the uneven shape did not look like anything that a civilized man would wear. His face was a bit wrinkly, suggesting he was quite old. I would guess more than sixty or seventy. He looked poor. The clothes were worn off and dirty.

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