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Chapter 4 4

Word Count: 1060    |    Released on: 29/11/2018

Edmund's eyes were set hard on few people at the end of the line, while his chin was raised high. He looked so arrogant and snobby. Being on his good side, I had forgotten how spoiled he could be and in the eyes of others, may appear rude and impolite. There is little bit of everything in him, but I have learned to dismiss these minor characteristics, which over mask his true self - the caring, simple man he is.

"Violet! Go and bring some meals to my room." Edmund's voice sounded rather harsh.

I said nothing, just observed the people, my husband and wonderfully artistic castle walls. In back of my mind I kept a thought of Edmund's rude behavior.

We approached a door in golden colors. As it was not enough, more different sized amber stones formed a sun. An art piece so wonderful, I had never seen or imagined in my life. I stood frozen in awe until I felt my husband's arms wrap around me and drag me inside. My breath got caught up in my throat of the sudden act. I felt as if being taken by a thief, who is getting rid of evidence.

"Get inside!"

"You are scaring me." I sighed heavily.

"...then don't daydream so much." He breath fanned over my cheek and then he kissed it.

His hands were still around me. A combination of the tight corset and his hold, seemed like I have been wrapped in deathly coils of a snake. I could hardly breath.

"Fine.... You can let me go now." I said quietly.

Edmund reluctantly released me and I heard him fall in a bed behind. He let out a grunt. The long journey have made him tired and I guess little bit grumpy too.

"Why were you so rude to servants earlier?"

"Huh?" He made a small grunt again.

"You never talked like that with Fiona or any one else in that matter. Couldn't you be little bit friendlier? It's like you are completely different person." I glanced at him, but he was laying on his silky sheets and watched the ceiling, as if things pictured there were so interesting.

"I have always been like that. I think you have just forgotten. Also you can't expect me to be friends with them. I am a king and they are just peas.... workers. There would not be order if they were allowed to do, say and behave, whatever they liked. Thea, I expect from you the same."

"Do you want me to be cold and cruel?"

"No, not for my sake, but for your position as a queen. You will need to show authority."

"And what if I am unable to do it?" Unconsciously I started to fumble with my fingers and creamy colored laces on my dress. I could feel my worries rise.

"You will. I will make sure of it."

Instantly my head turned to face him. I wanted to ask him to say it again or get some meaning behind his words, but were interrupted by knock on our door.

"Lordship, your meals have been delivered."

"Bring it in." Edmund said in his cold voice.

I looked at him again and he gave me a challenging stare.

Maid came in and disappeared as fast. I even couldn't get a glimpse of their faces.

"Thank you!" I nearly shouted as the door closed.

It troubled me, how distant the relationship felt between workers and their master. No 'hello' or 'goodbye', no eye contact..... nothing. As if it was expected for us to get things on a flick of the finger - out of blue air.

"Eat something, while it is still warm."

"I am not too hungry." I couldn't get the troubling thoughts out of my head.

"Really? I thought you were moments ago?"

"I.... I can't..."

"Should I forcefully feed you then?" Edmund's stare was focused on me, while he slowly munched on some meaty piece of food. "Eat! You need some strength.... and don't be so upset, alright?" He flashed a weak smile.

"All of this is so different, shocking. I don't know what to do..." I sighed.

"For the moment don't think about it."

There was some time of silence. I don't know, how long it lasted, but I heard Edmund clearing his throat.

"You are not eating."

"What? I..."

"Should I ...?"

I quickly looked at my plate and then back at him. He was not moving or eating anymore, but stared at me in silence.

"No, no, no! I am eating, I am eating...." I frantically looked for edible sized pieces on my plate.

I knew what he wanted to say next.

I ate everything on my plate. To my surprise, the more I got in my mouth, the more hunger returned until I was full. The stress have occupied my mind and I could not think about anything else, than upcoming problems. I wanted to calm down, but nothing worked. I was here finally in this castle and already experiencing bits of a life nobles lived.

"Are you ready for a good night sleep?"

I felt my husband's fingers tuck the back of my corset and slowly pealing it open. It felt amazing to get rid of constricting feeling, as the new breath of air filled my lungs. Edmund's fingers tickled my shoulders, when he slowly removed the beautiful dress. It heavily fell down on the floor. I was left in my undergarments. Even though we are a married couple, his closeness still makes my heart beat erratically and my body slightly tremble under his touch.

"Do we have some spare clothes? Some nightwear?"

"Do you really need one?"


He let go of me and opened a cabinet filled with silky white nightgowns. He hesitantly gave me one and I went behind a divider to change. My heart was trying to break out of my chest.

Edmund was in his bed, waiting for me to join. He looked tired and sleepy. As soon as I was in, he grabbed me and pulled me closer, tucked under the duvets and hold me for some time. His breath was fanning the back of my neck and sent tickling shivers down my spine. Then Edmund slowly traced the mark left on it. His fingers trembled and breathing was uneven.

"Thea.... . I am.... so sorry."

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