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Chapter 2 2

Word Count: 1281    |    Released on: 26/10/2018

old one behind will be hard, also the friendships I have made over the years. I will miss them – Fiona, James, Jerry, even those people and faces I didn't get along so well

s. The rest of my life was spent in Wiltshire's property or a summer house - now it was called. It w

dmund, which will be taken to our new home. Her face lacks the usual cheerful exp

ich I never had, she helped to get through the hardships, cheered me up in most saddest mo

aid to stay out of their way. It is yet hard to grasp, that I no longer need to w

the entrance hall, watching everybody r

a glances up at me

Thea? Or.... I shoul

scaring me with t

er get used to it. Everybody wi

afraid of this strange life that awaits me. Even such a minor thi

moment. Everything will be alright and.... your lovely husband probably wi

hold in my tears, one slipped th

han this. ... and do you know how many new people are working in the castle? Hundreds. You will

id of the loneliness I hold in my chest. "Wh

d through the hall. His eyes were set hard on me as h

ust little afr

my hand and it made me calm down little bit. I glanced up a

y life will wear him off completely. He needs grass and fresh air, not

d energy radiated from him, wh

running out, but I hoped to see him one more time,

in his presence. When I see him so serious, there is always that thought, that he might not care about me the same way I hold feelings for him. Maybe that is onl

a. I want to get h

the exit. Fiona's form was left behind. I could not leave her without

me, please..." I cri

nd, just hold me

rushed after him. On the way through th

k fog and rain, that almost felt like snow. The dark brown carriage stood

through the window and opened the do

" he disappeared bac

at the decorative cushions and ornamented carvings of the wood. I was

rhythmic steps. Edmund subtly swayed in his seat as the carriage got on different path. His eyes were glued on me. It stirred up

voice was lo


my house? What you will become?" I

well as the whole scene. I blurted t


our noses almost touched

... my queeeeen." His eyes gleame

very familiar. Actually it feels

s were firmly around my waist. I could feel my cheeks heating up. My husband kissed m

appens, I will 'h

loser to my husband. His scent calmed me and I wanted to believe, that h

this dream t

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