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Chapter 6 6

Word Count: 1088    |    Released on: 12/01/2019

After the endless walk through the castle I ended up back in the main hall. In a distance I saw two male guards standing by the door like statues. Somewhere other maids worked on their daily tasks. I could only hear their distant chatting and their feet shuffling on the marble floors. Occasionally I could get a glimpse of their silhouettes, but their forms disappeared as fast as they had come.

Castle was quiet, here were not many people to talk to or almost any at all in that matter. The only meaningful conversation I had was with Adam - he seemed to be a hard working man. By delivering the goods from the market every day, he provided this house with the most exquisite ingredients for our meals.

I wished to have someone close to talk to or spend my time with, while Edmund is gone.

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