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Chapter 7 7
Words Count: 1255    |    Released on:12/01/2019

Anna's question shocked me for a moment. I didn't know what to say, what answer to give. To lie? I never lied and I didn't want to tell false truth to this young and naive girl. Even if I tried to hide my true origins, eventually someone will come up with the truth and there will be more trouble for me.

I hesitated and took some time to get the courage to say, what needed to be. Anna's eyes looked wary and scared. I guessed she knew, how inappropriate her question was.

I smiled softly at her.

"Yes.... I was. I won't deny it." My voice was quiet.

"Was king Edmund your master?" Came another timid question.

I nodded. I felt glad he was. I would have spent a life much worse, if it wasn't him, who chose me.

"Did majesty treat you well?"

"Stop it, Anna! That's enough! I will have a talk with you later." Sophia strictly whispered to her. "My apologies, your highness. I am sorry for her rude questions."

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