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Chapter 42 42

Word Count: 1013    |    Released on: 22/07/2019

As soon as I entered the room, all three girls stood up instantly. Stiff and afraid, their eyes were watching their own feet. I knew they are afraid of me remembering my own feelings at the time.

"Do not be afraid of me. I once was the same as you - a slave."

I kept my voice gentle not wanting to frighten the girls even more.

"Come on, you can look at me."

The tallest one slowly lifted her head up. Now I could see her beautiful eyes - brown and bright. Unfortunately, the emotion in her orbs saddened me.

I took my hand and run my fingers through her blond hair. They were in color of hay and I could imagine in bright sun rays they shine like threads made of gold. She jumped back in fear.

"What is your name?"

I waited for some time for her response.

—— locked chapter ——
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