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Chapter 60 60
Word Count: 1108    |    Released on: 08/09/2019

The carriage came to a sudden stop. I could not wait longer as the pain was getting unbearable. I looked at the door which came open. The night was pitch black and like distant fireflies, the light of the lanterns illuminated the warmth and comfort of home.

"Edmund? Edmund!" Where was he? I could not see a single soul after he left the carriage. I wanted to go, but something told me I will not be able to stand firmly on my feet. "Edmund!" My voice sounded like a whisper.

Unable to breathe and calm down I wanted outside and get fresh air as well as freedom from the confined space. My feet landed on the first step and then on another. Just in time strong hands captured me and saved me from collapsing on my knees. Like an afraid kitten, I dug my fingers in Edmund's jacket and I wished not to let go.

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