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Chapter 14 14

Word Count: 1734    |    Released on: 31/03/2019

Like two little, young girls we were striding along the colorfully displayed goods on each selling spot. Fresh vegetables, fruits and the finest fabrics gorged my eyes. I was excited and saw the same emotion in Anna's eyes. On other side, Sophia's face was still blank, as if things going around here didn't affect her in any way. Maybe it didn't. I hardly doubt this is her first time here.

"Sophia? Can you buy this and this and this too?" Anna was jumping from one marketplace to another, in long strides around many racks and boxes.

She didn't wait for an answer, but continued her exploring. Sophia glanced at her slightly annoyed, but said nothing. I was surprised that I had caught a glimpse of emotion of any kind on her face.

Was Sophia unhappy?

"Are you feeling well?" I asked and paid closer attention to her response.

"I am alright, my Lady!"

"Are you unhappy here... in the castle?"

Her eyes widened little bit, but then she put her stoic mask back on.

"No. I am happy. May I ask why you think that way?" her voice was quiet.

"I just have never seen you smile or be happy about anything. Is there anything I can do for you?" I gave her a small smile.

"No, my Lady. I am fine. Some people are happy and you can clearly see it, some ... hold on their happiness inside. We all are different and express our emotions differently... ."

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