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Chapter 45 45

Word Count: 1027    |    Released on: 01/08/2019

The beautiful dress I wore was ruined, dirty with mud. Above all, it was wet making me shiver in the cool breeze that managed to get through the thick trees.

It was scary and I wanted to get back home, be safe and sound, be next to Edmund. I began to cry. No one was here to see me nor judge me. In a dress or not, dirty it might be, all I could think about was to last another day.

The tears washed the dirt off my face when I noticed the pinkish-red stain to it. I examined my face with trembling hands - it seemed fine, until I reached the spot on top of my head, just above my forehead. The injury that Maria caused hurt bad, only now I noticed it's existence. Dried up blood and barely healed wound had oozed the streams of blood before, coating my face.

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